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Dear Lane:
I am writing to thank you for the outstanding job you did for us in repairing and renovating our home.  Our project list was varied and diverse, including replacing our front porch; working under the house to tack up insulation and wiring; repairing a door and door jam; and the tremendous job of sheet rocking all of the abandoned zone heater spots in five rooms.
You and your crew arrived on time and on schedule. You worked diligently and cleaned up thoroughly after each phase.  You did a great job of communicating the progress of the work and scheduling in advance each phase.

I so appreciate your creativity and vision, Lane.  You have a talent for seeing a project in total, and then preceding to identify all of the steps to achieving the final vision.  Thank you again for working with us!

- Kathleen Burkholder
Arlington, WA


We Hired Lane Romines Construction to build our Barn Pros barn Kit in November 2008.  The crew consists of Lane, Craig, Matty, and Darren. They began immediately upon receiving our building permit. They were all very courteous and respectful on site.  They did everything we asked of them and more. They asked us before doing specific things on the barn construction to make sure everything was done just the way we wanted it. The quality of their work met our high expectations. The workers all showed up on time and called when snowdrifts wouldn't allow them to come to work. They worked until dark and only took minimum lunch breaks. They also finished on time, which is rare these days.  We would recommend Lane Romines Construction to do any of your construction projects. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule an appointment to see our beautiful barn.

- Dan & Lynne Davey
Snohomish, WA

We just moved into our new home built by Lane Romines Construction. We could not be happier!  I first called and met with Lane on August 2007.  I was making an "out of the blue" inquiry into having a home built on our property at that time that had a double wide on it.  I didn't even know if we were going to built of not.  Lane went to Snohomish County with some preliminary questions and found out that federal codes for building on our riverfront property were changing at the end of September.  We now had just four weeks to get together a set of plans and start the permit process.  Lane took care of all of this for us.  Truly, if it wasn't for Lane, we would still be sitting in an old manufactured on a much lesser valued piece of property.  But we had a house to sell in Lynnwood before we could build the new one in Oso.  Lane waited patiently as it took almost a full year for our house to sell.  This year of waiting gave us a great opportunity to work together through all the permits.  We had never built a house before.  We basically knew nothing.  So we gave our trust and project to Lane.  He knew who to call and how to "Get' er done", one of his comforting phrases.  Lane also made changed before finally settling on a home layout that suited our style of living.  Our  home was built remarkably quick by various crews I could tell were all experts in their respected fields.  The building process was an exciting, pleasant, worry free experience we would definilty do again.  We put our trust in Lane and he totally came through for us.  If you could see our new home you would see how we think we are the luckiest people alive right now.  To Lane and all off the guys at Lane Romines Construction, Thank you very much for such a warm, beautiful home.

- Dave & Lenea Dyer
Oso, WA

Dear Lane, We wanted to send you a note about how pleased we are with the work that was completed today.  Before we contacted you, we were worried about our time frame on this project. You came through with flying colors! Your crew was GREAT. Courteous, informative, quick and on time. Very nice guys. Again, thanks.

- Jerry Smith & Michelle Smith
Arlington, WA

22833 Arlington Heights Road  Arlington, Washington 98223  (425) 308-0724

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